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Marblehead Wreaths

Use the Marblehead Wreath on the front door or over the fireplace. Perfect decoration for the whole year. Change the decoration for each season. Hand tied in Marblehead exclusively from 3/8" Hemp.

Marblehead Wreath 10" diameter, three strand $25.00

Marblehead Wreath 12" diameter, three strand $35.00

Marblehead Wreath 18" diameter, three strand $50.00

Floating Monkey's Fist Key Ring

A small boy once asked me: What's a heaving line? Being full of mirth as well as blarney, I replied that it is a lifeline for sailors when they are seasick.

Bradford's "Glossary of Sea Terms" however defines a heaving line as "a light line weighted at its end to aid in throwing to a pier or another vessel, as a messenger for a heavy line.

It is reproduced here in the form of a key chain and necklace, but made and loaded in the same way as would be found on any ship of wharf in the 1800s.

This key ring will float several keys yet is light weight. It is large enough not to get lost in the bottom of your gear bag. White cotton line with brass ring. 4" long.

Floating Monkey's Fist Key Ring $15.00

Nelson Sennit Key Ring

The four-strand sennit is known as the Nelson Sennit. With Trafalgar and the death of Horatio Nelson, the British Navy went all out to do honor to its heroic admiral. Many of its present customs and usages were inaugurated in memory of his name, and ever since October 21, 1805, the four strand alternate crown sennit has been Nelson sennit to the British Tar.

Nelson Sennit Key Ring $10.00

Turk's Head Rope Bracelet

The Turk's Head is one of the most ancient of all decorative knots identified with the sailor, and also the most common.

Lever's "Sheet Anchor" (1808) states that a Turk's Head, "worked with a longline, will form a kind of Crown or Turban." This resemblance to a turban presumably is responsible for the name "Turk's Head."

The English sailors however refer to it as the True Lover's Know, because like true love there is no beginning and no end.

But whatever you decide to call it, there is no knot with a wider field of usefulness. From footholds, to napkin rings to bracelets, nothing is a functional as well as fancy.

Turk's Head Rope Bracelet $8.00

Turk's Head Rope Bracelet Kit

Learn how to make a Turk's Head Rope Bracelet.
Each kit has directions and enough line for one bracelet.

Turk's Head Rope Bracelet Kit $6.00

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